CE Forms for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

PAS 2019 Pharmacist CEU.pdf

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PAS 2019 Pharmacy Tech CEU.pdf

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2019 Conference Presentations

Care Beyond Medication: The Opportunity for Pharmacy Professionals to Provide Individualized Patient Care Based on Patient,Culture and Social Determinants of Health

Care Beyond Medication - Robyn despins

Health and Well-Being: Historical, Present and Future Challenges for Indigenous and Non- Indigenous Peoples

Health and Well-Being - by Holly Graham (2019 PAS Conference)

Cancer 101: Managing Common Drug Interactions and External Supportive Care Medications as well as Minimizing Mouth Sores

Cancer 101 - Lana Dean (PAS 2019 Conference)

Cannabis as a Medicine - What Pharmacy Professionals Need to Know

Cannabis as a Medicine - Michael Kani

pdf, 11.9mb


Antimicrobial Stewardship: Tools for Practice and Overcoming Barriers -Justin Kosar

Antimicrobial Stewardship - Justin Kosar - PAS 2019 Conference.pdf

pdf, 1.2mb


Knowledge Translation 101: Effectively Communicating Evidence-Based Clinical Information to Clinicians and Patients

Knowledge Translation 101:Effectively Communicating Evidence Based Clinical Information to Clinicians and Patients .pdf

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Point of Care Testing: Current Issues and Evidence

Point- of- Care Testing: Current Issues and Evidence. pdf

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Pharmacy Issues Forum 2019

Pharmacy Issues Forum 2019.pdf

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