Influenza Immunization Program 2020-2021

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What's New - updated November 19, 2020

PAS - PAS it on - Influenza Immunization Program Edition (login to access) - Oct 16 

DPEBB - #748 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - FluLavalTetra Lot #KX9F7 - Nov 17
A small number of  FluLaval Tetra Lot #KX9F7 shipped to pharmacy. This lot number has had confirmed cases of neurological side effects. If you have any of this lot of FluLaval, please do not give this vaccine to patients at this time, quarantine the specific lot number in the refrigerator and contact the DPEBB for next steps. 

Flu Shot Numbers - Nov 19

As of November 7,  a total of 252,033 flu shots have been administered in Saskatchewan. PAS has not yet been provided with the official pharmacy specific statistics. The flu shot supply in Saskatchewan continues to be stable and available to pharmacy.

Partial Flu Shot Injections - Nov 19

As per SIMS Chapter 5, Section 4.4, if less than a full dose of vaccine was given because of syringe or needle malfunction, or other circumstance, the full vaccine dose should be repeated immediately to ensure the client’s protection. The circumstances may also require you to report the incident as a medication error.


Vaccine Supply - with recent national media reports on vaccine supply, PAS wants to assure our members that vaccine supply in Saskatchewan is solid. The Ministry reports that there is a sufficient inventory of flu vaccine in Saskatchewan. Mckesson has received an additional 50K doses this week and the balance of the HD vaccine is going out to pharmacies shortly. - Oct 30  

Member Update - Pharmacy Delivery Influenza Immunizations Alternate Locations - Oct 15

COVID-19 Testing for Community Pharmacies - Oct 14

High-dose Fluzone Update - Oct 13

Online Booking Tool - Oct 14 (login to access)

MedEssist - October 2

Consent Forms

Guide for Vaccine Screening Tool and Consent Form Questions - Oct 16, 2020
*Note: To access the printable forms, please see the appendices in the guide.

Updated 2020 Vaccine Screening Consent Form - Nov 13

Updated 2020 Vaccine Screening Consent Form Large Font - Nov 13 

Policy & Program

SIIP - Saskatchewan Influenza Immunization Policy 2020-21

IIP - Influenza Immunization Policy 

Support Documents and Tools

2020-21 Seasonal Influenza Preparation Webinar 

PAS it on - Influenza Immunization Program Edition (login to access)

FAQs Influenza  

Off-site Clinic Preparations  - October 2019 

Influenza Immunization Reporting Summary  - Coming Soon 

Cold Chain Log  - October 2016 

Injection Supply Checklist  - October 2020

Anaphylaxis Kit Record - October 2016 

Anaphylaxis Protocol - October 2016 

Influenza Injection Process - October 2020

Drug Plan Extended  Benefits Branch Bulletins & Other Updates (DPEBB)

To see the latest updates from DPEBB, visit their website.

#748 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - FluLavalTetra Lot #KX9F7 - Nov 17
#746 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Notification of Vaccine Administration - Oct 22

Pharmacy Delivery Influenza Immunizations Alternate Locations - Oct 15

2020-21 List of Pharmacies Participating in the Seasonal Influenza Immunization Program - Nov 3 (with alternate influenza immunization sites)  

2020-21 Seasonal Influenza Immunization Program Participation Registration 

#742 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Influenza Immunization Program Update 

#743 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Vaccine Distribution Policy 

Personal Care Homes - PCH Form

Ministry of Health (MOH)

Health care provider Q & A - Oct 14

COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool

Saskatchewan Immunization Manual

Ordering Information for Fact Sheets & Wallet Cards

Fact Sheets   
Immunization fact sheets must be made available to patients. You may want to have this information on your website and on screens in your pharmacy to help reduce the number of people asking for hard copies. The 2020-2021 Influenza Vaccine sheets are available on the link above. 

Wallet Cards 
Record of influenza immunization wallet cards may be provided by the SHA, AHA, and FNJ public health to other vaccine providers who obtain their vaccine supply from public health. You will need some on hand but many patients may not ask for one this year. If you are providing one for a child age 5-8 needing a second dose of vaccine (minimum of 4 weeks later) be sure to also include the date of the next vaccination required on the wallet card. The cards are available on the link above.

Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP)

MicroSCOPe - Flu Edition

Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA)

SHA Flu Information

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA)

Influenza Immunization Guideline for Cancer Patients - October 2020

Using eHR Viewer to Identity Cancer Treatments - October 2019 

National Advisory Committee on Immunizations (NACI)

Recommendations on Post Vaccination Observation Period
Guidance for Influenza Vaccine Delivery in the Presence of COVID-19
Continuity of Immunization Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA)

Influenza Season 2020-21
Suggested Best Practices for Community Pharmacy: Providing Influenza Immunizations During the COVID-19

Other Influenza Resources

National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease - 2020-21 Seasonal Influenza Webinar - September 21

Immunize Canada

Injection Administration Drug Program


Injection Administration Program Policy

PAS Support Documents

Administration Injection Process - October 2016

Administration Information for Common Injectable Drugs - October 2016

Consent Forms

Injection Drugs Screen and Consent Form

Injection Drug Screen and Consent Form - LARGE FONT

Other Injection Resources

Landmarking & Technique Refresher

Landmarking & technique refresher 2019

IM Technique Video

SC Injection Video

Child Hold Video

Exposure Protocol

Needle Stick Injury Image

Management of Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids

Adverse Event Report

Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) Reporting Form