PAS Website Update

Wed, Sep 06, 2017

PAS recently updated its website which will affect any PAS website pages saved in your bookmarks or favourites. To update this, delete the old bookmarks or favourite links and then go to the PAS page by typing the PAS website in your browser's address bar. You can also google the PAS website as well. Once you have reached the PAS page you want, resave it in your favourites or bookmarks. For additional assistance, please email

Thank you,
PAS Staff

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PAS Website Update

A recent update to the PAS website may disrupt access to any PAS website pages saved in bookmarks or favourites in your website browser


2017-2018 Saskatchewan Pharmacy Letter

The Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch are registering pharmacies that plan to participate in the Province's 2017-2018 Seasonal Influenza Program.


Updated SMAP Forms and Education

The Ministry of Health will be changing mandatory documentation requirements for the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program (SMAP) September 1, 2017.

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