Epipen Shortage

Thu, Apr 12, 2018

Health Canada had previously announced a shortage of the autoinjector Epipen, with an expected period of 2-4 weeks of no inventory. However, we have received notice that there may be a continued supply issue. If this is or becomes a reality, patients may have to inject epinephrine manually.

PAS has asked medSask to create an educational support resource document for the public and healthcare professionals on assembling an epinephrine “kit”, drawing up epinephrine using a needle and syringe from an ampoule and the manual administration of epinephrine. This document is available on the medSask website at

Also, pharmacists can reference the “Anaphylaxis Protocol” document on the PAS website, under the Influenza Immunization Program (and other injectables) area for information on dosing and other anaphylaxis protocol.

See Health Canada's latest update on the Epipen Shortage 

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