Smoking Cessation - New Prescribing Authority

Mon, Jan 21, 2019

The new prescribing authority means patients who are seeking to quit can see their pharmacist. "Whether tobacco users are considering quitting for the first time or trying again after previous attempts to quit, the new prescribing authority will help," said Dawn Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS).  "Covered services include a blend of therapies—medications and counseling—tailored for individual patients' goals and needs."  

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Backgrounders include the Patient FAQ and the Tobacco Fact Sheet.

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What's New

SMAP Audit

Recently the Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch (DPEBB) sent out a communication about the SMAP audit done in February 2019. PAS wanted to follow up with some “quick tips” to assist with building on the improvement observed from previous audits.


Congratulations Mike Stuber, Canadian Pharmacist of the Year!

Saskatchewan pharmacist, Mike Stuber, who specializes in HIV treatment and prevention is named the 2019 Canadian Pharmacist of the Year by CPhA.


Membership Matters

The 2019 PAS Membership and Malpractice Renewal is now open. PAS sent out an email last week to members on how they can renew their PAS membership.


An Aging Population, Health care and the Role of Pharmacists in Saskatchewan with a National Comparison

The Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan, in partnership with CPhA, commissions yearly public opinion surveys on public perceptions and attitudes towards pharmacists in Saskatchewan and across Canada.

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