Nomination Process (Online) and Award Descriptions

Award Nomination Process (Online)

Please view this brief video explaining the online nomination process  5 Steps to an Effective Award Nomination


PAS Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Presented annually to a pharmacist who has demonstrated leadership and advancement to the profession of pharmacy Terms of Reference

PAS Pharmacist of the Year

  • Recognizes a pharmacist who performs outstanding service and patient care within the profession of pharmacy.Terms of Reference 

PAS/Pharmasave Professional Services Award

  • Presented to a community pharmacy that demonstrates leadership in implementing, promoting and providing professional pharmacy services to patients within the pharmacy or in the community.  Terms of Reference

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Bowl of Hygeia Award

  • Presented annually to a pharmacist in each province in Canada and each of the United States to recognize outstanding service in the community.Terms of Reference

PAS New Horizon Award

  • Recognizes a pharmacist who has convocated in the past 5 years and has demonstrated impact and commitment to the pharmacy profession. Terms of Reference

PAS Award of Merit

  • Recognizes pharmacists, individuals or organizations, who through their active participation have promoted the profession of pharmacy in Saskatchewan.​ Terms of Reference

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I submit my nomination?
    You are welcome to submit a nomination online using our nomination form.
  • Can I nominate myself?
  • Can I nominate more than one person?
    Yes. You can nominate as many individuals as you would like. You must submit a nomination package for each individual nominee.
  • Can I nominate a past nominee?
  • We encourage you to resubmit previous nominees who have not won an award yet. Someone who may not have won in previous years might be eligible to win this year.
  • What is considered a supporting evidence? 
    The online submission asks specific questions and for specific supporting evidence for each award. There is also the opportunity to provide optional supporting evidence including letters or documents that illustrate why an individual deserves an award, for example:
    • Letter of support from a health-care professional (such as a fellow pharmacist, physician or nurse).
    • Letter of support from a patient.
    • Letter of support from nominator.
    • Published documentation of achievement (such as a community paper or medical journal).
  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

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