Patients' Choice Award

The Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) PATIENTS' CHOICE AWARD gives the general public the opportunity to say 'thank you' and to publicly recognize the outstanding care they have received. This award is presented to a pharmacist or pharmacy who has been nominated by a patient or non-pharmacist colleague for going the extra mile to provide high quality care and a great patient experience. 


In addition to PAS's promotion of this award through print ads (eg. Gray Matters, Saskatchewan Seniors etc.) and social media advertizing, pharmacies  may  print posters and  nomination forms to make available to the public. You may print off copies of these materials here    INFO POSTER (8.5"x11")       NOMINATION FORM (8.5"x11") 

Patients  can submit  nominations either BY MAIL or    ONLINE NOMINATION FORM  (available on the Patients' portal of this website). 






  1. The pharmacist or pharmacy must be a nominated by a patient or a non-pharmacist colleague.
  2. The nominated pharmacist or pharmacy must be a member of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) and a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals.
  3. There may be multiple Patients' Choice Award Recipients. 
  4. The successful recipient will receive in the year the award is presented: 
    •  letter of congratulations and Certificate of Recognition from PAS
    •  acknowledgment on various PAS platforms (i.e. website, Facebook, newsletter etc.)
    •  verbal recognition at the the annual conference of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan    
  5. If there are no qualified candidates nominated in a given year, the award will not be granted. 
  6. The nominee cannot previously have received this award in the last 3 years. 
  7. Nominations are only valid for award consideration in the current year.

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