PAS Committees

Internal Committees of the Board (assist in effectively managing Board business)

Governance Committee

Objective: To assist the Board in maintaining good governance policies, including Board and committee terms of reference; Board Code of Conduct; orientation and succession planning.

  • Amy Lamb (Chair)
  • Paul Bazin
  • Steven Yakiwchuk
  • Jarron Yee
  • Kristjana Gudmundson

Audit and Finance Committee

Objective: To assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary duties in managing the finances of the Association by carrying out scrutiny of financial documents and planning.

  • Brad Cooper (Chair)
  • Christine Hrudka
  • Jarron Yee
  • Paul Bazin

Compensation Committee

Objective: To establish and monitor performance expectations for the Executive Director and determine appropriate compensation.

  • Paul Bazin (Chair)
  • Christine Hrudka
  • Amy Lamb
  • Steve Yakiwchuk


Policy Committees of the Board (address matters impacting the practice of the profession of pharmacy within Saskatchewan)

Economics Committee

Objective: To negotiate all pharmacy contracts on behalf of the membership.

  • Larry Preddy (Chair)
  • George Furneaux
  • Paul Melnyk
  • Stan Chow
  • Mike Wright
  • Grant Hladun
  • Brad Cooper

Professional Practice Committee

Objective: To act as an advisory committee to the Board on subjects affecting professional practice.

  • Kristjana Gudmundson
  • Jeanne Eriksen
  • Steven Yakiwchuk
  • Bill Semchuk
  • Jenna Arnelien
  • Kendra Townsend
  • Jenna Farquharson-Anderson
  • Sascha Dreger
  • Andrea Thomas


Operational Committees (work with the Executive Director on operational issues impacting the functions of the Association)

2018 Conference Committee

Objective: To plan and organize the PAS annual conference in conjunction with PAS office staff.

  • to be determined

Awards Committee

Objective: To review PAS awards on an ongoing basis. To receive and review nominations and select recipients for the various awards to be presented at the annual conference.

  • Janet Bradshaw (Chair)
  • Brent Goeres
  • Shauna Gerwing
  • Collette Minish


What's New

2017-2018 Saskatchewan Pharmacy Letter

The Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch are registering pharmacies that plan to participate in the Province's 2017-2018 Seasonal Influenza Program.


Updated SMAP Forms and Education

The Ministry of Health will be changing mandatory documentation requirements for the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program (SMAP) September 1, 2017.

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