As a part of the PAS mission, PAS advocates for the contribution to healthcare through pharmacist and patient program and services. Pharmacists are members of the healthcare team,  providing services and care that is far beyond the traditional view of pharmacy. The videos from PAS members below show the kind of care pharmacists provide and the impact it can have on patients.

Fearless Pharmacy: Non-traditional pharmacy practice

Keynote speaker of the 2019 PAS Conference, Robert Hawke, talks with Amy Lamb and Robyn Despins about their more cognitative areas of pharmacy practice.

What Does #FearlessPharmacy mean to the PAS Board, what it looks like in their practice today and tomorrow?

George Furneaux, PAS Vice-Chair, wants to see pharmacists continue to increase their cognitive services.

My vision of fearless pharmacy has been to provide a practice where pharmacists can use their skills to provide unique services.

Over the years I have worked with the professional pharmacy bodies to help lay the groundwork for these services. I have always felt pharmacists have a great knowledge set, combined with cognitive skills, and recognition by the province as underutilized trained professionals can help our patients to healthier lives.

Fearless pharmacy is assembling a team who is committed to using their knowledge over many aspects of pharmacy like med consultations, diabetes education, COPD and Asthma review, injections, travel medicine, hormone therapy, opioid management, and minor ailments. The team can provide our community with confidence in their health needs and in combination with other medical resources changing their lives for the better.

I truly believe cognitive services needs will be the direction pharmacy must go to help our patients. Access and timing are sometimes the main contributors to this need. Pharmacists are still the most accessible health care resource. Better utilization of our pharmacists by our health care system will create an envied health care system even with all the challenges of cost and busy lives. As more capabilities are recognized I feel pharmacists will become more supportive in the cognitive areas. The most awesome part is pharmacists are in almost every community to help serve these needs.

The fearless part is the pharmacist, by themselves and or in teams will continue to expand services and patient relationships for all our communities. Combine this with government recognition pharmacy has a great future ahead. 



John Stanzeleit, PAS Chair, wants to utilize the tools that pharmacists have been given.

“Pharmacy has seen many changes over the last decade; technology expanded the scope of practice and our place in the health care system and team to name a few.

My vision of being a fearless pharmacist is determined in how we best utilize the tools we have been given. I began practicing pharmacy in the early 1990s and the pharmacist role was more reactive; receive the prescription order, fill and counsel.

The times, the demands and expectations of the patient have all changed.  The pharmacist must now be proactive! Our time spent behind the counter is transforming to providing direct to patient services.  Specialty consultations, diagnosing self-care prescribing, educational services, injection administration, and pharmacy outreach programs are a part of today’s pharmacy practice We, as pharmacists, need to adapt and excel in this new environment.

This can be a difficult transition, especially for the more experienced pharmacist.  To be fearless, a pharmacy must embrace our new reality, not as a novelty service, but to incorporate as a regular and essential part of our practice.

Fearless is the new graduating pharmacists who embrace this role as the new normal. What professional services will pharmacy provide in their future that will take the new graduate out of their comfort zone?

My hope through all the change in our industry is that the core value of building and maintaining relationships with our patients will remain at the heart of what we do. Being fearless pharmacists will always need to be about doing what is best for the patient.

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Christine Hrudka, CPhA Chair, and PAS Rep wants to increase female leadership in pharmacy and spoke to The Star Phoenix on July 5, 2019.

“When I initially got rejected to be a pharmacy owner, I used many of my male friends, my allies, to help me. That was when a bell went off for me, that we need to help each other. It can’t be just women. It needs to be women and men.” 

“Women make up 60 to 70 percent of staff pharmacists, and it’s clear that they are consistently overrepresented at the staff level, but underrepresented among managers and owners. Only one-third of pharmacy owners across Canada are women, which means that 30 percent of staff pharmacists are men, but they hold two-thirds of all the pharmacy owner, manager and board member positions.”

See the full article here.

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