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The Ministry of Health changed mandatory documentation requirements  for the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program (SMAP) as of September 7, 2017 noted in the  # 639 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - SMAP Documentation .

These changes became mandatory as of September 1, 2017.  

You will be required to use the new forms in order for your pharmacy to receive remuneration from the Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch (DPEBB) for conducting a medication assessment under SMAP. If you have your own forms, they must be approved by the DPEBB prior to use in order for the SMAP fees to be eligible for remuneration. All previously approved forms will need to be re-approved to ensure they meet the DPEBB’s current requirements of the program.

2017 SMAP Documentation Forms Fillable

pdf, 311.1kb


New SMAP Forms (Regular PDF)

pdf, 509.8kb


Upcoming Webinars - Medication Assessment Series

Medication Assessment Series Webinar # 5: Documenting Patient Care Recommendations    Presented by Dr. Derek Jorgenson                                                                               Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 7:30 am - 8:30 am.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the presentation participants should be able to:

(1) Complete a written documentation note, using the SOAP format, to another health provider regarding recommendations from a medication assessment

(2) Verbally discuss recommendations from a medication assessment with another health provider

(3) Describe a system for storing documentation related to medication assessments within your pharmacy

 *This webinar is pending accreditation for 1 Continuing Education Unit. CEU forms will be provided to registered participants after the session.  

If you would like to sign up for this webinar or any of the webinars in this series and have not done so already, please email the following information by replying to this email or by returning the completed registration form (*please save completed form before emailing) to by Thursday, December 7th 2017:


Future topics (dates TBD) in the Medication Assessment Webinar Series will include:

  • Creating solution focused recommendations
  • Shared decision making: Involving patients in treatment decisions 
  • Documenting patient care activities in your pharmacy records
  • Communicating with other health care professionals
  • Following up with patients
  • A framework for counseling patients about new prescriptions
  • Bringing it all together: a medication assessment complete process

Registration and Pricing

  • Webinars are free to all PAS members
  • For pharmacists/students that are not PAS members: cost is $20 per webinar or $150 for the series of webinars (10 webinars)
  • You may register for webinars one at a time or sign up for all webinars at once 
  • Please note registration deadlines for attending live webinars. You may register for access to recorded webinars at any time.
  • Reminder emails and future announcements will be made about all upcoming webinars.
  • To  Register  (for individual webinars or the entire series) please click on the  SMAP Educational Series Registration Form (fillable pdf format) below or email with SMAP Webinars as your subject line and stating your preference for live or recorded with your name. 


Please fill this form, save it and then send to

  1. FILL out the form (*depending on your computer settings, you may have to download (save) the pdf form first to your computer for it to appear fillable)
  2. SAVE to your computer after you have completed form
  3. EMAIL to

pdf, 163.7kb


Pharmacist Guide to SMAP

The   Pharmacist Guide to SMAP (the “Guide”)   was developed by PAS and the staff at the Medication Assessment Centre (MAC) to support pharmacists and pharmacy students perform a medication assessment. The Guide showcases the stepwise approach utilized in the webinar series and demonstrates how the process can be applied to the new SMAP documentation forms (or any other medication assessment documentation).

This Guide can be used as a resource to follow along with during the webinar and/or for those that prefer a hard copy of the process.

The Guide is available to PAS Members immediately. Non-members will have access to the Guide upon registration for the webinars. 

CE Accreditation

All webinars are pending accreditation from Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacy Professionals. Accreditation forms will be available to pharmacists who complete each module that is eligible for accredited CE.

Medication Assessment Workshop

PAS will also be offering 1-day in-person Medication Assessment Workshops in early 2018 (Saskatoon mid-late January 2018 and Regina in spring of 2018). These workshops will be delivered by Derek Jorgenson and will reflect the process within the webinar series and Guide.

Final dates, CE details and registration information will be sent once finalized.

The Mini Pharmacists Guide for SMAP

This version is best for print only.

This document is only available to Association members.


The Pharmacists Guide for SMAP

This version can be viewed online or printed.

This document is only available to Association members.


Completed Medication Assessment Series Webinars

Pre-Series: Webinar      (live and recorded)     Tues June 13th, 2017 7:30-8:30 am

The topics in this webinar included:

  1. Understand the purpose for the changes to the SMAP documentation forms.
  2. Review the SMAP Policy.
  3. Review the updated forms in detail.
  4. Learn about the upcoming webinar series specific to how to provide a medication assessment. 


Medication Assessment Series: Webinar #1    (live and recorded)      Tues  June 20th, 2017   7:30 – 8:30 am 

The topics in this webinar included:

  1. The Patient Care Process – An Overview 
  2. Collecting a Comprehensive Patient History 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the steps in the patient care process.
  2. Explain how the patient care process can be used in various clinical pharmacist services.
  3. Demonstrate a structured and organized approach to collecting information during a patient interview (for the purpose of completing a medication assessment).


Medication Assessment Series: Webinar # 2:    Using A Systematic Approach to Drug Therapy Problems (live and recorded)     Thurs, Aug 10th, 2017 7:30 - 8:30 am

In the case file, there are some tasks to be completed before the webinar. While it’s not mandatory to complete these tasks, it is recommended to have them done before you begin the webinar for a complete learning experience. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply a systematic approach to identifying drug therapy problems using:
    • Therapeutic Thought Process
    • Pharmacotherapy Workup

To access the patient case and the work sheets, click on the links below.


Medication Asessment Series: Webinar  #3  - Creating and Implementing Care Plans: Part 1       Friday October 6th , 2017  7:30 - 8:30 am

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the purpose and the components of a care plan.
  2. Complete the first part of a “SMAP Care Plan” for a patient in your practice, by establishing goals of therapy and selecting patient centred interventions.

Prior to attending this webinar participants were asked to please read the patient case and complete the following tasks:

  1. Set goals of therapy for each of the patient’s medical conditions (diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, erectile dysfunction), making some assumptions that you talked to the patient to get his opinion on the goals. 
  2. Using the drug therapy problems that were identified at the last webinar (which are stated at the end of the patient case ) select the interventions that you think would be most reasonable for this patient. If any of these interventions need to be approved by a physician, state exactly how you would make the recommendations to the physician (in writing or verbally). To access the patient case, please click here.


Medication Assessment Series: Webinar #4 - Creating and Implementing Care Plans: Part II      Friday Nov 17th , 2017   7:30-8:30am

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe several strategies and tips to ensure that your recommendations are considered and implemented by the patient and the prescriber.
  2. Complete the 2nd part of the SMAP Care Plan for a patient in your practice by creating a monitoring and follow up plan.

Prior to attending this webinar titled Creating and Implementing Care Plans: Part II, the registrants were asked to read the patient case and pre-webinar work and the partially completed care plan (from the last webinar) and complete the tasks.  


***Those who register for the webinars (either live or recorded) will have received an email from PAS with the webinar links. The webinars are available only through the links at this time.****

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