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PAM 2019

Pharmacists across Saskatchewan are doing more for their patients than ever before. PAM and Rethink Pharmacist is a campaign to celebrate the pharmacist profession, highlight the health care services now offered at the pharmacy, and encourage Saskatchewan residents to Rethink Pharmacists this March.

Over the course of the March and beyond, PAS with CPhA and the provincial associations will continue to advocate to the general public about the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system and what pharmacists they do within the system for patients.  With this campaign, CPhA has launched the Rethink Pharmacists website, explaining the role of pharmacists in Canada and all of its provinces and territories.  

Why Rethink Pharmacists?

  • Pharmacists are trusted
  • Pharmacists are doing more for patients than ever before
  • Pharmacists are an underused health care resource
  • Pharmacists are providing value to the health care system
  • Pharmacists are accessible
  • Pharmacists are health care leaders

How can I get involved?

• Make Pharmacist Awareness Month posters and patient handouts available at your pharmacy counter and waiting area.

• Join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #PAM2019 and #RethinkPharmacists. Use the sample messages and graphics in this toolkit to get you started.

• Become more familiar with the expanded scope of practice in your province and incorporate new services into your daily practice.

• Talk to patients to let them know about the support you provide. Host a community information session to describe the services available at your pharmacy.

• Take one of CPhA’s high-quality continuing professional development programs to advance your practice or help you deliver expanded services to your patients.

• Sign up for one of CPhA’s pharmacy practice webinars or check out our webinar archives for lots of great learning opportunities.

Visit for more ideas. 

2019 PAS Calendar

2019 PAS Calendar.pdf

pdf, 397.7kb


Influenza Program Campaign 2018-19


pdf, 1.4mb


2018_Flu_Poster-No Fluke_DOWNLOAD.pdf

pdf, 1.5mb


Minor Ailments Campaign 2018

PAS-2018-MINOR-AILMENTS_Downloadable Poster_8½x11.pdf

2018 Minor Ailment Campaign Downloadable Poster

8 1/2 X 11

pdf, 581.3kb


PAS-2018-MINOR-AILMENTS_Downloadable Poster_11x17.pdf

2018 Minor Ailment Campaign Downloadable Poster

11 X 17

pdf, 749.3kb



Pharmore Than You Think Video



(Click to view larger)


                Click here for printable version                                                                                             Click here for printable version




Below: 2-page infographic featuring the Saskatchewan pharmacists' expanding health services through community pharmacies.
(Click to view larger)

              Infographic (side 2) about Community Pharmacies: Pharmore Than You Think...


                 Click here for a printable version


Pharmacy Service Posters Available for Download

There are two small posters you may download and print for display in your pharmacy.

PAS Minor Ailments poster

Minor Ailment Prescriptive Authority  campaign poster
8½ x 11"
Feel free to download, print and display in your pharmacy.

pdf, 892.5kb


PAS SMAP poster

Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program campaign poster
8½ x 11"
Feel free to download, print and display in your pharmacy.

pdf, 791kb


Minor Ailments Video


Previous Posters

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  • 14” x 26”
  • full colour

SMAP on-demand posterMinor Ailments on-demand poster






















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The Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) is pleased to announce pharmacists can now prescribe medications to help residents quit smoking.


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