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See below free posters and on-demand materials to display in your pharmacy.

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Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM)

Every March Pharmacist Awareness Month takes place in Saskatchewan and across Canada. During this month, the campaign educates the public about the increasing number of clinical services over 1600 pharmacists in the province can provide to improve patient care.

The awareness month campaign showcases two services offered by Saskatchewan pharmacists:

  • Prescribing for minor ailments









TV Commercial:

  • Medication assessments

Newspaper ad (click to see larger):

Newspaper ad about medication assessment










Facebook ads (click to see larger):

Do your meds feel neglected? Facebook adWorried your meds might not get along? Facebook adGet to know your meds again - Facebook ad



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                Click here for printable version                                                                                             Click here for printable version




Below: 2-page infographic featuring the Saskatchewan pharmacists' expanding health services through community pharmacies.
(Click to view larger)

Infographic (side 1) about Community Pharmacies: Pharmore Than You Think...              Infographic (side 2) about Community Pharmacies: Pharmore Than You Think...


                Click here for printable version


Free PAM posters for download

To support and promote Pharmacy Awareness Month, we are making available below to each PAS member two small posters you may download and print for display in your pharmacy.

PAS Minor Ailments poster

Minor Ailment Prescriptive Authority  campaign poster
8½ x 11"
Feel free to download, print and display in your pharmacy.

pdf, 892.5kb


PAS SMAP poster

Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program campaign poster
8½ x 11"
Feel free to download, print and display in your pharmacy.

pdf, 791kb



PAM On-demand materials

Promotional items can be ordered online from our on-demand printer. 


(Click on poster images below to see larger, opens in new window)

  • 14” x 26”
  • full colour

SMAP on-demand posterMinor Ailments on-demand poster






















Tent card showing both sidesTent cards:

(Click on tent card image at right to see larger, opens in new window)

  • 2-sided, each side 6” x 6.75”
  • one side about Minor Ailments
  • one side about SMAP


Ordering instructions

Click here to go to (opens in a new tab)
User ID: pharmore
Password: thanyouthink
Fill out your order by selecting the items you would like and the quantity you need of each. You will then be directed to go the check-out page to process your order.

Printing Costs

  • Poster, 14” x 26”, full colour: $2.00 each (plus taxes)
  • Tent cards, 2-sided, each side 6” x 6.75”, one side about Minor Ailments, the reverse about SMAP: $12.50 each (plus taxes)

Shipping Costs

Shipping is provided directly to your pharmacy at a cost base on averaged distance and weight. If you order 2-5 tent cards and/or posters, you may expect to be charged $39.95 (plus taxes) of shipping costs. This includes packaging materials, assembly and delivery.
Normal delivery time is one business day, as long as it is to a destination serviced by Purolator.


What's New

2017-2018 Saskatchewan Pharmacy Letter

The Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch are registering pharmacies that plan to participate in the Province's 2017-2018 Seasonal Influenza Program.


Updated SMAP Forms and Education

The Ministry of Health will be changing mandatory documentation requirements for the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program (SMAP) September 1, 2017.

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