PAS Lifetime Achievement Award

The PAS Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to a pharmacist who has demonstrated leadership and advancement of the profession of pharmacy through:

  •  An outstanding contribution to the profession and/or an achievement which enhanced the pharmacy profession in the province of Saskatchewan, and
  • Long term service in the pharmacy profession in the province of Saskatchewan with a distinguished record, and

  • Service to pharmacy via active participation in professional pharmacy organizations


The nominee must be a member of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) and a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals. The nominee cannot previously have received this award.

Due to the circumstances this year related to COVID-19 the 2019-20 awards were not issued. As such, any 2020 nominations received will be incorporated into the 2020-21 PAS Awards process.    

PAS 2020 Awards Online Nominations - click here


Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient  -  Karen Jensen, Saskatoon 

Aside from serving patients in Prince Albert and Saskatoon as a dedicated community pharmacist for more than 35 years, Karen also taught in the pharmacy undergraduate program and successfully managed the highly utilized medication information service, medSask. Karen has played a vital role in the expansion of pharmacy practice in the province, most notably with respect to minor ailment and self-care prescribing. Behind the scenes, she was instrumental in identifying appropriate conditions for pharmacist prescribing and was often involved in drafting the evidence and rationale used for discussions with stakeholders. Karen was also involved in either authoring, reviewing and/or updating the current 27 guidelines for MA/SC prescribing, and presented many of the training modules. She has helped author part of the Saskatchewan training module required for the Administration of Vaccines and Other Substances (injection training). Her expertise in guideline development has also been recognized outside of pharmacy, and she was asked to develop prescribing guidelines for optometrists. Under Karen’s guidance, and in collaboration with the SK Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch, medSask developed and currently maintains the drug shortage database, which provides pharmacists with up-to-date information about shortages and alternative treatment options.

Karen retired at the end of 2018, providing almost 50 years of service as a pharmacist, and to the pharmacy profession in Saskatchewan. Her career spanned across community pharmacy, academia, and as the manager of the internationally recognized medication information service, medSask (formerly Saskatchewan Drug Information Service). During this time she was a member of the Canadian Pharmacists Association, Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals.

Karen has served both pharmacy and allied health care organization on local, provincial, and national levels. She served on the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals Professional Practice Committee from 2008 to 2018. Karen’s expertise meant she was highly sought after for various planning committees and working groups. Her personal interests also led to her long-standing serving on the Saskatoon Health Region Baby-Friendly Coalition (2003-2018), and the Breastmilk Bank of Saskatchewan (2013 – present). Not surprisingly, Karen has been recognized for her involvement in pharmacy and healthcare with a 2012 SCPP Award of Merit, and a 2014 College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Centennial Alumni of Influence Award.

“We have known Karen mostly for her role as a member of the staff, manager, and leader in medSask, formerly the Dial Access Drug Information Service over what we understand to be more than 20 years. Whenever we needed her services, we could always rely on Karen to provide timely, credible, accurate and objective drug information to inform our policies and decision making and to respond to referrals of members and other health professional colleagues and organizations. She has played an integral role in
developing the consumer drug information line and sustaining the high quality of both drug information services to consumers and health care professionals. SCPP is especially grateful to Karen for her role in supporting our more recent expansions to pharmacist scope of practice. Throughout SCPP’s relationship with her, she has displayed dedication, loyalty and unquestionable integrity to her work, always rising above any challenge placed before her and serving well beyond the call of duty. It is mostly because of her efforts that we continue to partner with medSask.(excerpt - Letter of Support from Ray Joubert, Associate Registrar SCPP)

Past Recipients

Rod  Amaya - 2018 Recipient