PAS New Horizon Award

The PAS New Horizon Award recognizes a pharmacist who has convocated in the past 5 years and has demonstrated impact and commitment to the pharmacy profession.

The objective of this award is to encourage an interest in PAS Board activities, introduce the award recipient to his/her colleagues and provide an opportunity to attend the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) annual conference.


The nominee must be a member of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan (PAS) and a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals (SCPP)

The nominee has convocated within the past 5 years and is practicing pharmacy in Saskatchewan

The nominee cannot previously have received this award

Due to the circumstances this year related to COVID-19 the 2019-20 awards were not issued. As such, any 2020 nominations received will be incorporated into the 2020-21 PAS Awards process.   

PAS 2020 Awards Online Nominations - Coming Soon

PAS New Horizon Recipients

2019 PAS New Horizon Award Recipient - Abdi Abdi, Kamsack

Abdi Abdi demonstrates exceptional professionalism and commitment to outstanding patient care in the communities of the Cote, Keeseekoose & Key First Nations and the town of Kamsack. Abdi succeeded to build collaborative practices with the local physician groups, including those within the Methadone Clinic and local hospital. He is successful and passionate in partnering with and supporting local first nation's leadership in addressing the numerous chronic health issues faced daily by members within their community. Abdi's resolve reflects favourably on the profession in demonstrating to the public the capabilities of a pharmacist and what the profession can contribute in collaboration with other health care professionals. Abdi, despite being a recent University of Saskatchewan pharmacy graduate in 2016 and licenced pharmacist of not quite three years, he is an excellent example all pharmacists can follow.

Since August 2017, Abdi Abdi, as pharmacy manager, has established a methadone practice serving 72 patients to date with the focus on promoting self-respect, importance of preserving personal dignity and the importance of personal accountability. In addition, Abdi works in partnership with the local First Nation communities to support the efforts of the local physician groups. He offers a grassroots education awareness program through the pharmacy promoting the importance of Hepatitis and HIV screening, how to access treatment and the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Abdi Abdi also participates in regular meetings with local law enforcement on substance abuse activities, including the monitoring of opioid prescription medication diversion.

Abdi Abdi's goal is to promote the pharmacy as a clinical practice destination for those pharmacy students that are looking for a unique practice rotation that will provide experiences where pharmacists can make significant clinical impacts with modest resources and simple approaches in delivery exceptional patient care.

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