When health system conditions changed our responsibilities clearly increased.

  • Pharmacists have always been and continue to be your medication experts but above and beyond that, they have been authorized to provide an increased number of services: 
      • Prescribe treatment for over 20 minor ailments.
      • Provide vaccinations against the flu and other diseases.
      • Deliver a smoking cessation program.
      • Provide patients with medication assessments.
      • Pharmacies offer delivery, curbside pick-up, ensure patients are safe by following all safety protocols, and continually serve their patients. 

The Increased Role of Pharmacists is Being Recognized by Patients

  • In a  survey commissioned by CPhA and conducted by Abacus Data, nine in 10 Canadians believe pharmacists have stepped up to the challenge of COVID-19 and four out of five Saskatchewan residents view pharmacists as essential health workers. 
  • Pharmacists are trained to handle many primary care services. Research shows that patients see their pharmacists up to 10 times more than any other healthcare provider.
  • This province-wide network of pharmacies (see map below) makes them an ideal close-to-home primary health care provider. In rural areas, the pharmacist is often the only primary health care provider.

We would like that role to be better recognized by our Government

  • We have carried on since the end of our last contract in October 2019 while adapting to the increased responsibilities placed on pharmacies.
  • It's not fair to expect these many changes, without adjusting our contract in return. 
  • We even have been continually absorbing significant costs associated with COVID-19. The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada has calculated that between March 16 and June 14 in Saskatchewan, pharmacies experienced an additional cost of $34.1 Million. Pharmacies Response to COVID-19
  • Pharmacies seek a new contract that reflects their contribution to community care.
  • Letter to the Editor: Pharmacists call on the Province to work together toward a contract that recognizes their role as essential to community health care
If you are a PAS member who wishes to speak to their MLA, please visit the MLA Outreach Program. PAS members will need to login to their PAS account to access the information.