When health system conditions changed our responsibilities clearly increased.

  • Pharmacists have always been and continue to be your medication experts but above and beyond that, they have been authorized to provide an increased number of services: 
      • Prescribe treatment for over 20 minor ailments.
      • Provide vaccinations against the flu and other diseases.
      • Deliver a smoking cessation program.
      • Provide patients with medication assessments.
      • Pharmacies offer delivery, curbside pick-up, ensure patients are safe by following all safety protocols, and continually serve their patients. 

The Increased Role of Pharmacists is Being Recognized by Patients

  • In a  survey commissioned by CPhA and conducted by Abacus Data, nine in 10 Canadians believe pharmacists have stepped up to the challenge of COVID-19 and four out of five Saskatchewan residents view pharmacists as essential health workers. 
  • Pharmacists are trained to handle many primary care services. Research shows that patients see their pharmacists up to 10 times more than any other healthcare provider.
  • This province-wide network of pharmacies (see map below) makes them an ideal close-to-home primary health care provider. In rural areas, the pharmacist is often the only primary health care provider.

We would like that role to be better recognized by our Government

  • We have carried on since the end of our last contract in October 2019 while adapting to the increased responsibilities placed on pharmacies.
  • It's not fair to expect these many changes, without adjusting our contract in return. 
  • We even have been continually absorbing significant costs associated with COVID-19. The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada has calculated that between March 16 and June 14 in Saskatchewan, pharmacies experienced an additional cost of $34.1 Million. Pharmacies Response to COVID-19
  • Pharmacies seek a new contract that reflects their contribution to community care.
If you are a PAS member who wishes to speak to their MLA or candidates, please visit the MLA Outreach Program. PAS members will need to login to their PAS account to access the information.