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In response to the current public health crisis, COVID-19, PAS has created this website to collate resources and updates from PAS, the provincial, national, and international levels.

Newest Updates - January 14, 2020

PAS Support Tool Summary of Updates, Changes, and Supports to Pharmacy Practice - August 14 (login to your PAS to access).  

CPSI - Upcoming Webinar - COVID-1 Surveillance (Reporting, learning and sharing from the Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program) - Feb 4

SHA - Statement Vaccine Sequencing for HCW and Vulnerable Populations - Jan 14
Please find a chart of the order and rationale of COVID-19 vaccine administration for each key population/HCW group. Pharmacy is noted in Phase 2B along with physicians and dentists, to name a few. We have not received a briefing on the document and currently we are not aware of any specific dates related to each phase.

PAS Updates

Multi-Agency - 25 Health care groups unite in online pandemic ad campaign aimed at youth - December 10, 2020 

- 10 Truths About COVID-19
- Dec 4  

- COVID Vaccinations by MedEssist - Dec 4

- COVID Vaccinations by Age - Dec 4 

Member Update
: COVID-19 Testing Priority - Nov 6 (login to your PAS to access) 

Health Organizations Unite in Call for Additional COVID-19 Measures - November 13, 2020

- Health Organizations Unite in Call for Additional COVID-19 Measures - November 13, 2020 

Article on CBC News
- What it's like to be a COVID-19 long-hauler: fatigue, persistant symptoms; organ function changes - Nov 3 

Article in The LeaderPost - Pharmacists' Expanding Role in the Pandemic featuring PAS CEO, Dawn Martin - Oct 28 

Message from the PAS CEO to all Members - Email - April 21

Message from the PAS CEO  to all Members - Video - April 21

Joint Statement on Use of Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil®) and Azithromycin for COVID-19 - March 25

March 23, 2020 Email

March 18, 2020 Email

March 13, 2020 Email

PAS Support Documents

Managing COVID-19 Risk Exposures and Proper PPE Usage in Community Pharmacy - Dec 11 

Preparation for the 2020-21 Influenza Season in Saskatchewan - September 17, 8:45 pm (login to your PAS to access)

Summary of Updates, Changes and Supports to Pharmacy Practice - Aug 14 (login to your PAS to access) 

Support Documents

COVID Cleaning Guide - NBPhA 

Mental Health Supports during COVID-19 Pandemic

PAS - Working with "Opportunities" in the Workplace and Supportive Self-Care Strategies - Session # 2 with registered psychologist Judy Wright - May 7

- Managing in Difficult Times - Session # 1 with registered psychologist Judy Wright - April 14

PAS -  Resources from Managing in Difficult Time - Judy Wright - April 17

Mental Health Supports -  211 Saskatchewan - April 8

Canadian Psychological Association - Psychologists donating time for front line healthcare providers - April 6

Managing Your Fears and Anxiety 

Canadian Mental Health Association

Provincial Resources

The provincial government has created guidance tools and a web page with provincial updates on the situation in Saskatchewan.

Pharmacy Policies and Legislation Updates

Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program Compliance Packaging Update  - Oct 9, 2020

The Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch (DBEPP) is continuing to extend the Exception Drug Status (EDS) for compliance packaging under the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program. As the EDS expires, the DPEBB auto-renewal process will renew the EDS for 6 months. For example, if the EDS expired in October 2020, you may have noticed it has been extended until March 2021. EDS expiring in November 2020 will be extended until April 2021. This process of extending the EDS as it expires will continue over the next couple of months and will be reviewed before the end of the year. Further updates will be provided at that time. 

As there is an increased risk of more severe outcomes for COVID-19 for individuals 65 years of age and over, the DPEBB is recommending that pharmacists delay all non-urgent professional services (e.g. medication assessments) until the risk has been reduced.

If medication assessment cannot be delayed, (i.e., a new admission to a personal care home or a group home) a medication assessment may be done virtually or over the phone.

Saskatchewan Formulary Bulletins

#187 Saskatchewan Formulary Bulletin - Interim Measures Related to Exception Drug Status (EDS) Coverage During COVID-19 Pandemic – Automatic Extension of EDS Coverage - April 9

#186 Saskatchewan Formulary Bulletin - Interim Measures Related to Exception Drug Status (EDS) During COVID-19 Pandemic – Updated Listing of DOACs - April 9

#185 Saskatchewan Formulary Bulletin - Exception Drug Status (EDS) During COVID-19 Pandemic - March 24

Pharmacy Information Bulletins

#752 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Update to the Automatic Extension of EDS Coverage  - Dec 15 

#736 Pharmacy Information Bulletin  - Salbutamol Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Shortage Update - June 8

#734 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Province Lifts Restrictions on Prescription Filling - May 19

#730 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Community Compliance Packaging Exception - April 21

#729 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Virtual Visits Using Pexip - April 21

#728 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Prescription Quantity Restrictions Updated list of exceptions - April 14

#726 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Frequently Asked Questions Prescription Quantities - COVID-19 - April 2

#724 Pharmacy Information Bulletin- SMAPs During COVID-19 - March 20

#723 Pharmacy Information Bulletin - Reduced Telephone Coverage - March 20 

Letter from the Deputy Minister of Health - Letter on the prescription quantities - March 18

Prescription Quantities Restrictions Effective Immediately - Prescription quantities from the DPEBB - March 18 

Saskatchewan Government Resources 

COVID-19 HCW Risk Classification Document - Jan 8 *Updated Version from Dec 12 
Covid-19 transmission risk. It is a complex document and requires time to understand. General pharmacy activities and interactions with each other are considered low risk as long as appropriate medical grade masks are worn, according to PAS’s interpretation of this document. That being said, we continue to hear interpretation differences and have not been able to clarify absolutely whether or not to wear eye protection. Even though PAS interprets general dispensary duties as low risk when medical grad masks are being worn, eye protection will further reduce the risk of transmission. Disclaimer- this is PAS’s interpretation as such we defer all assessments to public health and OH&S procedures and policies. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information - Jan 5 

Phase 1 of Vaccine Delivery Plan to begin next week - Dec 17
Q & As on 10 Day Self-Isolation - Dec 17 

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Plan - Dec 9

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Plan Presentation Deck - Dec 9 

Re-Open Saskatchewan - June 8 Target Date for Phase 3  - May 21

Public Health Orders - May 20 Province Lifts Limits on Filling Prescriptions  - May 19

Cases and Risk of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan - Provincial map showing cases in the province

Self-Assessment Tool - COVID-19 Online Assessment

Saskatchewan COVID-19 Preparedness Plan - Provincial Plan

Mass Gatherings, Risk for Elderly Population - Guidance Resource

Self-Monitoring Information Sheet - Guidance Resource

Self-Isolation Information Sheet - Guidance Resource


Public Health Orders - March 26

Website - Saskatchewan Government COVID-19 site

Saskatchewan Health Authority

Exposure Scenarios -  from May 25, 2020

New Screening Update for HCW - from Dec 16

Daily COVID Readiness Checklist for Managers - from Dec 21

Support Documents & General Information (COVID-19) - Jan 8  

New Pandemic Modelling Shows Improved Outlook for Saskatchewan - April 28

Expanding Capacity for COVID-19- March 25

Saskatchewan Health Authority Resources Website

Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals

Emergency Licenses No Longer Required - June 29

Supporting Saskatchewan Regulated Health Care Professionals during the COVID-19 Response - May 12

Virtual Care - April 22

Emergency Licensure Provisions Bylaw Amendments including Amendments to Provide Interns with the Authority to Complete AMC in an Emergency - April 20

Prescriptions Direct from PIP  - April 14

Prescribing, Dispensing, Continuation of Therapy During COVID-19 - April 1

Safety Measure and Changes to Chain of Signature - March 27

Exemption 56 Status Update - March 27

Exemptions to the Opioid Agonist Therapy “OAT’ Standards During the COVID-19 Pandemic - March 27

PAR and Notification to Patient’s Provider - March 27

Updated Modified Pharmacy Operations and Reducing Hours - March 27

Privacy Concerns – Reporting Patients Not Complying with the Legal Requirement to Quarantine - March 27

Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals - Web page of resources, tools and updates on COVID-19 

SCPP website


RxFiles Website - Useful links and resources 


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs - Dec 18
As new information becomes available it will be added. 

H2- receptor antagonist shortage - May 25

Can I breastfeed my baby if I have COVID-19? - May 1

Is nicotine protective against COVID-19? - May 1

What are some resources to manage patients with asthma or COPD  - April 23

Pharmacist-Administered Injections: Considerations during COVID-19 Pandemic - April 23

What precautions need to be taken when preparing compliance packaging - April 20

medSask - Fluticasone Shortage Document

medSask - Guidelines and Recommendations for appropriate cleaning and disinfection of Community Pharmacy surfaces during COVID-19

medSask - Important resources for managing drug shortages

medSask  - web resource on drug shortages

medSask - resources on COVID-19

Posters, Graphics & Videos

Blue Version - PAS/SMA/SCPP/CPSS Prescription Poster 

White Version - PAS/SMA/SCPP/CPSS Prescription Poster 

Social Media Version - PAS/SMA/SCPP/CPSS Prescription Poster 

Pharmacy Poster - Ministry of Health 

Prevention Poster - Ministry of Health  

Need to Visit a Pharmacy Poster - CPhA

Video on Maintain a Stable Drug Supply - CPhA 

Facebook Graphic - CPhA

Twitter Graphic -CPhA

Social Media Post - CPhA

National Resources

Several national agencies and departments have created guidance tools and are providing updates on the situation in Canada.

NCCID webinar - NACI recommendations on the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine - Dec 18 

Helping people who use substances during the COVID-19 pandemic - Dec 17 

Guidance for Repeated PCR Testing in Individuals Previously Positive for COVID-19 - Dec 10 

COVID-19 Outbreak Update Website - Dec 10

COVID-19 Advisory Groups and Taskforces Fact Sheet - Dec 10 

Updated List of Regulations and Acts with OICS 35-27 - Dec 10 

Canada's COVID-19 Immunization Plan: Saving Lives and Livelihoods - Dec 10

Vaccine Development and Approval in Canada - Dec 10 - 

COVID-19 Immunization: Federal, provincial, territories: statements of common principles - Dec 10

COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatment Portal - Dec 10 

Vaccines and Treatments for COVID-19: Vaccine Rollout - Dec 10 - 

COVID-19 Antibody (serology) Testing: Information for Patients - Dec 10 

Recalls on Certain Hand Sanitizers - Dec 10

People Who are More at Risk of More Severe Disease Outcomes from COVID-19 - Dec 10 - 

Vaccine Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours - Dec 10 

 Risk of COVID-19 Transmission in Flight - Dec 10 

COVID-19 Vaccine Foundations for Health Care Providers - Dec 14 1-3 pm ET 

Health Canada Approves Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine - Dec 9 

Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin assisting Government of Canada's vaccine distribution planning - Nov 27 

Announces New Measures to Prevent Drug Shortages - Nov 28

Regulatory Decision: Bamlanivimab - Nov 20 

Choosing a Mask Type Update - Nov 16

Update to Requirements for Post Consumer Returns Containing Controlled Substances  - September 23 

2020-2021 Seasonal Influenza Webinar  - September 21

New List of Health Care Practitioners and Pharmacists Named in a Notice of Restriction  - August 14

Essential Services Contingency Reserve for PPE Launched  - July 22

Health Canada recalls some hand sanitizers over industrial grade ethanol content - June 11

Be a Good Steward of Medication - June 1

Controlled Substances Bulletin  – Update to Requirements for Post-Consumer Returns Containing Controlled Substances - April 16

Guidance on Essential Services and Functions in Canada During COVID-19 - Government of Canada website

Coronavirus Disease - Government of Canada website

Coronavirus Disease Awareness Resources - Government of Canada

Vulnerable Populations - Health Canada Guidance Document

Community-Based Measures to Mitigate  - Government of Canada Guidance Document

How to Isolate at Home When You have COVID-19 - Public Health Agency of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada  - their website

Travel Advisories - Government of Canada

CPhA Statements

Pharmacists continue to have difficulty sourcing certain medications during COVID-19 pandemic - May 27

Dipryridamole/ASA Shortage - April 30

First Ministers Joint Letter - March 23, 2020 - Protecting and supporting Canada’s health-care providers during COVID-19

CPhA Statement - March 23, 2020 - Treatment of COVID-19 With Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine

CPhA Statement - March 23, 2020 - 30 Day Supply of Prescription Medications

Open Letter to the Government of Canada - March 18, 2020 Re: Access to Personal Protective Equipment for Pharmacy Professionals

Public Statement - March 4, 2020

Key Messages - For the Public

CPhA Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Readiness - Dec 22 

Pharmacy's Pandemic Response: Reflections on Future Pandemic Planning - Dec 17 3-4 pm ET

Pharmacy Appreciation Town Hall - Dec 16 4pm ET 

Hidden Burdens: The impact of COVID-19 on women in pharmacy - Nov 18 

Pharmacists as Opioid Stewards: A Showcase of the Evidence - October 28

Pharmacy's Future: How COVID-19 is Changing Public Behaviour and What That Means for Pharmacy  - September 28 

Influenza Season 2020/2021 Information and Resources  - September 10

Preparing for the Flu Season: Suggested Best Practices for Community Pharmacy  - September 10 

Suggested Best Practices Document - Influenza Immunizations During COVID-19  - September 10

Accepting a Verbal Order  - August 19

Adapting a Prescription  - August 19

Extending a Prescription  - August 19

Transfering a Prescription  - August 19

Updated Information on Remdesivir   - July 29

Virtual Care - Will it Transform Pharmacy Practice  - July 29

COVID-19 in patients taking disease-modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis  - July 22

Drug Therapy Information on Remdesivir  - July 15 

Treatment of COVID-19 with chloroquine and hydroxoquine  - July 9

COVID-19 and Pharmacy Services Map  - July 9

New Mask Posters in colour  and  black and white to Promote the Use of Masks in Your Pharmacy - July 7

Canadian Pharmacists' Harmonization Scope 2020 to focus efforts on pharmacist opioid stewardship - June 11

CPhA encourages all Canadians to wear non-medical type mask/facial covering when visiting a pharmacy - June 9

COVID-19 and Controlled Drugs and Substances - June 9

Protecting the Front Line: COVID-19 Day to Day Questions - June 8

PPE suggested best practices for pharmacies - June 4

National Survey of Community Pharmacists and Practice Challenge During COVID-19 Summary  - May 22

Pharmacists’ Scope of Practice and Patient Care During COVID- 19  - May 22

CPhA Appears before Standing Committee Briefing on Canadian Response to COVID-10 - May 21

National Pharmacists’ Survey on Preparing for Influenza Season  - May 19

Role of Pharmacy in Public and Population Health Webinar  -  May 20

Protecting the Frontline - May 13

Opioid Stewardship Under the New CDSA Exemptions - May 7, 9am CST (8 Am in SK)

CPhA COVID-19 and the Global Experience webinar  - April 28

Updated: Protecting the Front Line:  COVID-19 Day to Day Questions - April 27

Upcoming: CPhA COVID-19 and the Global Experience webinar - April 28

The COVID Conversations -  Supporting Pharmacists' Mental Health and Wellness - April 22

Staffing and Business Considerations if a Pharmacy Team Member Becomes Ill - April 17

A Day in the Life of a Community Pharmacist - April 14

New RxTx Chapter on COVID-19 -  April 9

PPE Best Practice Suggestions Webinar - April 2

PPE Best Practice Suggestions - March 27

Page 1 - Protecting Yourself

Page 2 - Protecting Yourself

NIHB Resources

Medical Supplies and Equipment Coverage  - July 20 (login to your PAS to access).

Pharmacy Benefits Information - May 27

Update from NIHB During COVID - April 8

Changes in Other Coverage and Extension of Approvals - April 15

NIHB Manual Claims Submission & Registering for Direct Deposit - NIHB Scripts Update - April 2


Indigenous Led Countermeasures to COVID-19  

kitatipithitamak mithwayawin  - September 10

CDN Health Care Network

Webinar: Influenza and COVID-19-Preparing for the 2020-2021 Flu Season - August 26

Veterans Affairs Canada

Program of Choice - Medical Supplies  - July 13

National Advisory Committee on Immunizations

Guidance on the Prioritization of Initial Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine(s) - Dec 10 - NEW
Narrower recommendations for who should be vaccinated first - Dec 3   
Guidelines on who should get a Vaccine first - Nov 3

Guidance for Influenza Vaccine Delivery in the Presence of COVID-19 - August 14

Continuity of Immunization Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic - August 14

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Virtual Care Resources - Checklist During Your Visit - Oct 21

Virtual Care Resources - Checklist Preparing for a Visit - Oct 21


What You Should Know About Drug Treatments for COVID-19 - Nov 6  

Choosing Wisely Canada

Recommendations for the Public & Clinicians - April 2

Green Shield Canada  - Reinstatement of their  Maintenance Medication Policy  - effective July 1

University of Waterloo

Q & A with the experts: Pfizer and Moderna FAQs - Jan 8 

Q and A with experts: COVID-19 testing in pharmacies  - Oct 5, 2020

Conducting Virtual Visits with Patients - April 14


Our Experience with Virtual Care - Perspectives from the Pharmacists Clinic   - May 7

Practice Resources   - May 7 

Pharmacy U

Free Webinar - Managing Stress When the World has Come to a Halt  - May 11 


Has There Ever Been A Better Time To Vaccinate? How To Administer Safely With PPE - May 14

Whole Health Pharmacy

Webinar - Get your COVID-19 testing questions answered - Nov 4  

International Resources

Mayo Clinic

Debunking COVID-19 Myths - Dec 1  


COVID Guidance Document Updated - Nov 18  

Statement on Interferon-beta and vaccination for COVID-19  - September 2

Survey -  Impact of COVID-19 on pharmaceutical services worldwide  - September 2

COVID-19: Lessons Learned and Changes for the Future  - September 15

Updated Global Guidance Support Document  - July 15

WHOFor the most up to date information on the outbreak worldwide, please visit the  World Health Organization website. 

Infection prevention and control of epidemic and pandemic prone acute respiratory infections in health care - WHO - April 6 (technically April 2014)

Guidance tools - WHO

Myth Busters about COVID - WHO